An Organized Life – Part 1

I’ve had this domain name forever and finally I have a plan for it as well as my other web sites and media projects. This site will be my organizational hub for those projects and include blog posts about what I’m working on from big to small.

So, I have borrowed an idea from someone I know who chooses a word each year that describes what her focus will be for the next year. Last year was the word ‘Bold’ and this year is ‘Being’. My word of the year is ‘Organized’.

Fair warning though as someone who is bipolar it is often difficult to finish things and have a habit of starting a lot of different things and then back burner them. My word of the year will be very difficult for me but I chose something that would pose a challenge which in turn makes a better platform for personal growth.

So that’s if for now but before I sign off, Happy New Year and I wish everyone a year of accomplishment and growth!