Positively Growing – Part 2

Episode 2 has been recorded and episode 3 is being recorded tomorrow. We still need to find intro and outro music and I have to make the thumbnail picture for it. I am happy with the content but the sound is a little hollow because of where we are recording. We are going to experiment with adding a second microphone and see how it goes rather than sharing one. I know there are podcasters that record in places such as a walk-in closet for the acoustics but we don’t have that luxury unfortunately.  My closets are only as deep as the hangers are wide and jam packed full of stuff that I cram in there to keep it off the floor and furniture.

Eventually, and I mean like a year from now, we will hopefully record in the ‘studio’ at home but a lot needs to be done in order to make it work. Things like tidying it so it doesn’t look like a very centralized and antagonistic tornado took place in there. One of my 20 for 2020 goals is finishing it up and things are progressing so I am happy.

Not much else to report on it for now so until next time… keep growing and if you know a house cleaner that works for free let me know…lol.

~ Crimson