Positively Growing – Part 1

No, this post isn’t about my waistline after the food-filled holidays rather it as about a new podcast project that myself and my friend and coworker Phoenix are working on called ‘Positively Growing’ which focuses on personal and professional growth including discussion on books, resources, tools, life philosophies, and personal experiences. The two of us are very like-minded when it comes to the importance of growth and not settling for mediocrity. We have also been accountability partners for awhile which has been a very beneficial experience to ‘get things done’. The philosophy of the project is that even when we grow up there is still always room to grow.

The idea for the podcast was born from the types of discussions we would have on our breaks and outside of the workplace. We tend to use each other as sound boards to understand ourselves, others, and our experiences better. Of course Crimson and Phoenix are not our real names but I like the idea of a little online privacy even if it is an illusion given how easy it is to find information on the internet. After we get a few episodes under our belt we hope to have guests to share their experiences, tools, and philosophies. By guests I mean people we know personally who also work on continually growing and learning and inspire us in the process.

Anyway, we recorded our first episode yesterday but it needs to be edited, an avatar created, and music selected. I finally got my audio editing software downloaded onto my new laptop so I can start the process for both this podcast and our ‘Learned Something New’ podcast (which has been in the works since last July). I don’t have a target date yet for our upload but with the project management software I am using to help organize myself I should have one soon that I can share.

Until next time… you cannot have a positive life with a negative mind.

~ Crimson