The Happiness Project Experience – Part 1

I joined The Happiness Project Experience a few weeks ago and January’s theme was self-knowledge. Since I was late joining I only set two goals for the month although the goals are more year long goals: read 1 personal growth book each month, read 6 classic books in 2020. So far I am on track as I read Miracle Morning and Slaughterhouse Five. No we are in February where the theme is Energy and so far I only have two goals but I would like to expand that list. I think I am going to enlist outside help to brainstorm ideas. So far I have spend half an hour a week doing crafts and continue Miracle Morning, both of which I feel energy when I am doing them and when I complete them especially. Carving out time is really the barrier that seems to keep me from accomplishing the craft thing because I am so busy trying to do things that benefit others that I don’t really set a lot of ‘me’ time. Okay that is not strictly true… I have me time when I am watching tv but living in a small house it isn’t always a relaxing, peaceful, rejuvenating experience, I even get crabby when interrupted which I feel guilty about afterwards. I think I need to find a place where I can work on my crafts by myself without interruption. I think I will add that to my list of goals.

I am behind on my homework for THPE as well as the Four Tendencies course so I need to carve out some time for those as well. I am thinking I can book a room a work and catch up there. Although it isn’t quiet there either with how thin the walls are but at least I won’t be interrupted with people seeking me out. Not that I begrudge others looking for my help…not at all… in fact I love when I can help others… but it is important to have that time to oneself to focus on ones own needs.

Hopefully I will have more goals to share in the coming weeks but until next time… give yourself the gift of time alone to recharge.

~ Crimson